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Top 5- Hiking trails in Forillon (English Blog Post)

A day at Forillon National Park is a great opportunity for hiking! Here are 5 must-see locations during your holidays in Gaspésie.

Photo : Tourisme Gaspésie

Mont Saint-Alban observation tower
Perched at an altitude of 283 m, this observation tower provides access to a spectacular 360°landscape! Depending on the departure point, you can access the tower directly in one hour, or hike the entire loop (4 hour maximum) .

Short hike of 0.6 km, Prélude-à-Forillon is an easy, level, looped trail. Entirely traversed by a boardwalk, it provides access for strollers and wheelchairs. Ideal site to admire the sea vistas for as far as your eyes can see, and the cliffs for which Forillon is known.

La Chute
Hidden treasure of Forillon National Park, the Chute (waterfall) is a spectacular location! Walk to this 17 m high waterfall in about 30 minutes using the boardwalk and wooden stairway winding through the forest.

Les Graves, Cap-Gaspé and the end of the world! 
The trail Les Graves is a classic worthy of its reputation. On foot or by bicycle, follow the coast and reach  Cap-Gaspé, known as ‘the end of the world’! Open your eyes wide and admire the landscape, the lighthouse… and with any luck, the whales swimming offshore!

La Taïga trail
Located on the Penouille sandy spit, the trail La Taïga is a wide 1.5 km boardwalk where one can bike or walk. On one side, you can admire the sandy beach and on the other, the salt marsh particularly appreciated by birds. Have your binoculars ready!

In addition to beautiful hikes, a day in Forillon is an opportunity to watch whales, paddle with seals, bike, or enjoy the beach at Penouille, including interpretation activities to discover fauna and the territory’s history. #gaspesiemyvacation

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